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Data Freshness Analyzer

The degree of the result's relevance often depends not only on the content of the information retrieved, but also on its freshness. When the object of the search is a rapidly changing thing, such as news, schedules, forecasts etc., the out-of-date invalid information can be as harmful, as it is meaningless, since it may confuse and mislead the user.
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Data Freshness

94.7 ▲0.5
65.3 ▲3.8

Data Freshness (Jobs)

79.5 ▼0.2
74.5 ▲0.1

Data Freshness (Phone Numbers)

59.5 ▼0.3
50.6 ▲0.7

Newly created pages in search results

26.1 ▼7.2
8.0 ▲0.3