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What are the Analyzers?

It is a technology for an objective automatic analysis of dozens of parameters relevant to web search quality

How do they work?

Every search engine daily answers hundreds of queries. The results are analyzed automatically

Who needs them?

Just about everybody: SE developers, Web analysts, SEO specialists, webmasters, journalists, bloggers, ordinary users

Integral Search Quality

Assessors Marks

79.2 ▼0.3
76.2 ▼0.3

Overall search quality

91.3 ▲0.1
91.0 ▼0.4

Groups of Analyzers

Common Criteria

Percentage of clicks

51.0 ▲0.2
48.9 ▼0.2


26.2 ▼0.1
16.5 ▲3.1

Commercial Updates

19.7 ▼3.7
15.5 ▲6.4